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Playable Quotes

06 Nov, 2023

“Playable Quotes for Game Boy” from Joël Franušić and Adam Smith was AWESOME!

This project offers the ability to create and share playable quotes of Game Boy games. A playable quote is a self-contained slice of an original creative work that points to a specific moment in the space of play along with a reference performance of how that moment can play out. The reader of a quote can replay their own variations on the quoted moment to see how the game responds.

Being able to capture a portion of a rom file that ships with the only the bits (pun) needed for others to see/experience was something I had never thought about. They’re not stopping with Game Boy either, there are talks of N64 and a few proof-of-concepts with x86 PC games.

The project homepage is here and I highly recommend checking out this Google Maps-like tour of Metroid II where the little plot point even traces along the map as you watch!


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