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Listening Habits

25 Oct, 2023

I find myself unplugging more and more. Recently, I deleted my podcast app for a much needed break, tired of the constant news and tech cycles.

My podcast subscriptions are quite sparse but the listening time adds up and the content doesn’t change much from week to week (could this be called “shallow listening?”) as in AI this, Musk said that, new shiny app to distract, buzzy coding language of the week, the world is on fire. I already get a lot of this info via my RSS feeds.

I often leave my headphones at home when I go out and try to just take in my surroundings and/or let my brain wander. When I do feel the urge to listen to something other than music or my surroundings I’ve switched to audio books. Though I’m always reading a physical book, It’s nice to offload some non-fiction to audio and listen to a topic on a deeper level that is (usually) better researched.

At the moment, I’m using Libation to “liberate” my Audible purchases and consolidate them along with other purchases using a self-hosted solution called audiobookshelf. It’s working well so far.

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