Unix is dead. Long live Unix!

18 Jan, 2023

via The Register

Here at The Reg FOSS desk, we’ve felt this was coming ever since we reported that Big Blue was launching new POWER servers which didn’t support AIX – already nearly eight years ago. Even if it was visibly coming over the horizon, this is a significant event: AIX is the last proprietary Unix which was in active development, and constitutes four of the 10 entries in the official Open Group list. … Which means that the last officially trademarked commercial UNIX™ is Apple’s macOS 13, which underneath the proprietary GUI layer is mostly an open source OS called Darwin anyway. The kernel, XNU, is based on Mach with an in-kernel “Unix server” derived from FreeBSD.

So, as of 2023, open source really has won. There are more Unix-like OSes than ever, and some very un-Unix-like OSes which are highly compatible with it, but the official line is, to all intents and purposes, dead and gone. All the proprietary, commercial Unixes are now on life support: they will get essential bug fixes and security updates, but we won’t be seeing any major new releases.

See also the The Open Group official register of UNIX Certified Products.