Musician and digital polymath with nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry. I’m partial to 8 and 16-bit gaming, free and open source technology, the right to repair, an avid self-hoster, disliker of walled gardens and father of two. This site was designed from scratch using Hugo and good ol’ fashioned HTML/CSS.

I keep a reading log here, most of the music I’ve been involved with over the years can be found on Discogs and more recent music will soon be posted on my Bandcamp.


Touring guitarist for The Drums in 2010. Venues included Providence, RI Jerky’s Live Music Hall (September 11), Washington, DC The 9:30 Club (12), Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 (13), Atlanta, GA Loft (15), Orlando, FL Social (17).

I later joined them on set of Jimmy Fallon for thier late night debut.

During September of 2012 I supported the Swedish solo project of Victoria Bergsman, Taken By Trees (The Concretes/Peter Bjorn & John), as bassist for her South American tour put on by the Swedish Institute. Locations included: Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Brazil (Sao Paulo, Recife and Fortaleza).

Modified: 16 May, 2023