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I like jwz’s occasional “Here’s what I’ve recently watched” posts as they’ve provided some great tips on the old and new, especially in areas I may not have noticed. So, here’s what I’ve watched (or can remember watching) from August through now.

  • (2022) Prey

    What a perfect time and place to toss in a Predator, I really enjoyed this.

  • (1987) Predator

    Arnold flex, Arnold shoot.

  • (1976) Network

    Watch a media company and their viewersheep eat themselves alive to the very end.

  • (1987) Running Man

    A similar offshoot of Network in ways, somehow I had missed this Arnold film. I could see evangelical ‘murcans really getting down on this form of television in the near future as they continue to erode democracy and our society.

  • (1984) Terminator

    All these Arnold films naturally led me here. I don’t remember the last time I watched the original Terminator. It still has a great vibe, though in some parts the effects do not hold up, but maybe give it that realism creepiness?

  • (1991) Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    These special effects still look better that anything Marvel & co. has put out in the last two decades. Also, I now want an Atari Portfolio

  • (1982) Star Trek II

    I have to say, I never have seen any of the “classic” Kirk Star Trek films. This took two attempts to watch but I just let go of my prejudices and wow, I got hooked.

  • (1984) Star Trek III

    Not “fun” in the same way as II, but a good follow-up in the recovery of Spock.

  • (1986) Star Trek IV

    What a bizarre and fun concept, sending the crew back in time to bring back a pair of humpback whales to save the planet.

  • (1989) Star Trek V

    For all the hate this film received, I didn’t find it that terrible. I guess it was aiming higher than it could actually achieve in a 2 hour window. But honestly, “what does God need with a spaceship?”

  • (1991) Star Trek VI

    Out with the old and onward with the Next Generation. This was a great wrap-up to the Kirk-era. It was also fitting with the moronic Neo-Nazi party taking #2 in this recent election here in Sweden. This fear of the “Undiscovered Country” where such different groups can work towards peace while those who can’t see past their prejudices want to keep things status-quo through violence and conspiracy.

  • (2022) Vengeance

    I enjoyed the first ~%70 or so of this film? But it fails to deliver at the end.

  • (2022) South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert

    Primus! This was AWESOME.

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