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Apple Music is slow… Spotify sucks…

Recently I’ve been re-discovering and pruning my “old” digital music collection. It definitely was a snapshot of my tastes around 2015 or so before I started using any various streaming service full time.

The CD drive on my old Mac Pro has never been worked so hard. I’ve begun ripping all my old CD’s to FLAC and placing on my Plex server, Plex’s “Plexamp” app is awesome. No ads, no albums randomly disappearing or all of a sudden alerting me that I am “Not authorized in this region.”

My listening habits are now slower, no longer do I have that feeling of an endless void in music (most of which) I don’t care about or will only listen once and forget amongst the daily onslaught of new releases. Honestly, we are all creatures of habit and just paying for the album or song is cheaper than renting. Bandcamp, word of mouth, second-hand CD sales (practically free in this medium) and following some specific labels I trust has been refreshing. Not to mention revisiting a lot of old label samplers and albums I’d long forgotten about and are not available via streaming.

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