Drew Diver

A musician and Apple system administrator from the US currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Roughly 10 years of Apple enterprise device management and support utilizing shell, Python, Swift and AppleScript. Deployment and maintenance of MDM solutions such as Jamf and SimpleMDM along with software and profile distribution/automation using open source tools like Munki, Installomator (contributions) and AutoPkg (my recipe repo contributions).

From 2008 to current I’ve been involved with writing, recording and mixing my own and others musical endeavors (most recently Soda Shop and Blue Blue Youth). In 2009 I toured South America with Taken By Trees (SE) as bassist, assisted The Embassy (SE) live for their first US show in NYC, helped The Drums as guitarist for the first half of their first US tour along the east coast and on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Throughout I’ve also recorded on albums from artists such as Travelogue, The Wake (Factory Records / Sarah), Plastic Flowers and briefly ran a small tape label where I took part in design and scouting bands.


As of April 7th, 2021 I am…