Blue Blue Youth is an experiment in collaboration involving both Drew Diver (Soda Shop) and Julian Brau (Suturee). With both being musicians and friends prior, the two had never worked together from the ground up. Approached by VBM to fill a void, the pedal boards and amplifiers were lit up each weekend and over the course of two months We Are Wood and Likely to Burn was completed.

The debut EP is all about mood and self-indulgence, layers of guitars and synthesizers meticulously swell in and out showing the duos attention to detail and their Kranky Records obsession. Patience is the key while both Drew and Julian adapt their sleepy ethos to sound and invite you to drift off.

Label: Velvet Blue Music | Press Photo


“The EP is a slow burn, reflecting its title: a smoldering cigarette in the woods, sunlight funneled through a magnifying glass, a carelessly abandoned campfire, an overworked fuse. These are the dog days of summer, days of heat shimmer and red flag warnings. All is brown and tan, waiting to burst into orange and red. Those who can stop it ~ who should be vigilant and aware ~ are passed out from heat and lack of hydration, asleep at the controls, headphones blocking out the sound of the alarm. “I Should Not Have Slept”, admits one title. “I Think It’s Death”, declares another.

We Are Wood And Likely To Burn. The synth and guitar of Drew Diver (Soda Shop) and Julian Brau (Suturee) are accompanied by rustlings and reverberations: licking flames beneath the leaves. The bass is deep, the woods are dark. The duo’s album sets and maintains a somber mood throughout, bursting into intentional disaster early in the fourth track. Death has come, raging and apathetic, devouring all in its path. The wind rushes out, the drone rushes in, surrounding the listener on all sides. There is no time for a fire shelter. As the track ends, the sounds grow harsh and unforgiving. All that remains is the aftermath.”A Closer Listen

“Blue Blue Youth is a collaboration between Drew Diver (Soda Shop) and Julian Brau (Suturee). I’m going to be honest and admit that I don’t actually recognise any of those names, in parentheses or out, but the quality of the music they’ve produced here suggests this is clearly a shameful oversight on my part.

A gentle, reflective piece of work that’s just melodic enough to help it spread beyond the ‘Ambient’ section, We Are Wood and Likely to Burn is more a cosy, crackling campfire than an explosion in a timber yard. From the shimmering ‘Now We Wait’ to the gingerly unfurling ‘I Admit I Aim Low’, it’s music played with patience and restraint, swamping you with deep, slow undulations.

The track titles (‘I Should Have Slept’, ‘Maybe Not Today’) suggest pervasive ennui, even depression, but the opening and close of the record exhibit a heartfelt sincerity that’s far from sombre. The middle, however, has a darker tone, not least in the yawning voids ‘I Think It’s Death’ exposes you to, while the post-rock stride of ‘And Then One Night the Shapes Returned’ displays Blue Blue Youth at their most dramatic.

Like something by Bohren & Der Club of Gore, the record’s glacial piece makes its creeping atmospheric takeover all the more effective, and by its end it’s likely you’ll be fully consumed by its smouldering flames.”The Monitors